Previous Grants Won

  • Working Capital Financing

    – Debtor’s Name: Activate Service Limited Liability Company

    – Loan Program Identifier: GINOP-8.3.5-18/B

     – Brief Description of Working Capital Financing: The financing aims to cover labor costs, wages, and contributions. The requested loan covers the personnel-related costs for 9 months.

  • Equipment Acquisition by Activate Service Ltd.

    – Beneficiary Name: Activate Service Limited Liability Company

    – Project Identification Number: GINOP-1.2.9-20-2021-05317

    – Contracted Grant Amount: HUF 9,998,660

    – Grant Rate: 70%

    – Project Description: The project involved the acquisition of a ReWalk Robotics ReStore Soft Exo Suit and accounted for one month’s wages and contributions of an employee.

    – Planned Project Completion Date: 2022.06.30.