The main goal of establishing our clinics is to assess the current condition of patients as quickly and in as much detail as possible, thus providing them with a more personalized treatment plan.

Unfortunately, experience shows that hospital discharge reports do not always provide an accurate picture of the patient’s current condition, and much of the documentation sent to us by relatives is outdated, thus not offering accurate information on the patient’s condition.

Therefore, we see it as justified to visit the nearest clinic to the patient’s residence before starting the rehabilitation cycle, which could potentially save time, energy, and possibly money (as it could spare them the physical strain and travel costs associated with unnecessary travel).

If deemed appropriate by the clinic’s doctor, and the patient visits our Saint Vincent Rehabilitation Center, the examination fee paid at the clinic will naturally be credited towards the cost of later rehabilitation.

If a longer stay at the rehabilitation center is required, we can partially or fully take over the transport of the concerned individual to Szeged. For more details, please contact the Saint Vincent Rehabilitation Center by phone.