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TMS therapy

TMS, that is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, is a non-invasive process to stimulate the brain through the scalp. During the procedure a magnetic field generator, a copper coil, is placed on the head of the person receiving the treatment. The coil produces small electric currents in appropriate regions of the brain which has a positive influence on nerve cells. Different illnesses and conditions require stimulation of different regions and different protocols.

Psychological care

During the first interview our specialist formulates an opinion using psychological tests. Treatment is based on this opinion. This service can supplement the rehabilitating programme. Treatment aims to support the healthy part of the personality and coping skills.

Neurological and rehabilitation consultation

During/In course of the consultation we assess the patient’s neurological state and start preparing a plan for rehabilitation. We set out the plan for rehabilitation. We can help in treating conditions after stroke, patients suffering from Parkinson- syndrome, Sclerosis Multiplex-, GuillainBarré syndrome. We are prepared for the rehabilitation of patients with complex brain and cranial injuries and other neurodegenerative or peripheral neural diseases.


„Rehabilitation of people with disabilities is a process aimed at enabling them to reach and maintain their optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological and social functional levels. Rehabilitation provides disabled people with the tools they need to attain independence and self-determination. (WHO)


Remedial exercises are one of the most fundamental parts of rehabilitation. They aim to prevent diseases of the locomotive system or carry out rehabilitation(s). We start rehabilitating exercises based upon medical recommendation. We set out the goals together with the doctor, the patient and his/her immediate surroundings and strive to reach them together. In course of the treatments we also instruct members of the family to provide efficient support for the rehabilitation team and assist the patient on the way towards recovery.

Our patients can undergo/receive physiotherapy and remedial exercise treatments individually or in small groups. We offer treatments recommended by neurologists or other therapies:

  • Electrotherapy
  • Medical massage
  • Kinezio tape treatment
  • Ergo therapy


For patients arriving for several days, our institution can also provide accommodation. We would like to help our patients to concentrate on recovery instead of caring about travelling and tolerating inconveniences related to it. 

Our aim

In course of our special physio therapy we aim to re-establish the operation of the body or a part of it that has lost its function by specific exercises. We establish a diagnosis by assessing the whole body comprehensively. Then we employ the most suitable methods of treatment, considering human anatomy and physiological processes. We also consider patients ‘home environment, cooperation between patient and relatives as well as their aims.  After considering all these factors, we prepare a treatment plan, tailored to the patient’s general condition, age and lifestyle.

Apart from being well-equipped (balls, beds, mirrors, bands), our gym has special devices indispensable for a more efficient treatment of the patients. Suspension systems allow for horizontal as well as vertical exercises. Vertical suspension is indispensable in treatment programs for patients with neurological problems. Our treadmill facilitates learning to walk (again) using a system of bands/belts suspended above the equipment. Patients can also use standing frames/standers enabling weak (paretic or plegic) lower limbs.

Apart from using special tools, our medical massage therapists are highly trained professionals fully/perfectly competent in using advanced treatment techniques like nerve mobilization techniques, Bobath therapy for patients with special neurological conditions, McKenzie gymnastics and kinezio-tape.

The ultimate aim of our medical massage therapists is to educate patients for proper body mechanics.