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Treatments** Treatment per minutes Price (EUR/occasion)
TMS therapy according to personal needs  139 EUR
Physical exercises, (individualized) 45 minutes  13 EUR
Complex exercises in group (max. 3 participants) 45 minutes  8 EUR
Complex suspension exercises 40  15 EUR
Vibration trainer 4  2 EUR
Treadmill according to personal needs  4 EUR
Treadmill suspension system according to personal needs  7 EUR
Massage 30/45/60 minutes  10 EUR/15 EUR/19 EUR
Ergotherapy  according to personal needs  17 EUR
Treatments** Treatment per minutes Price (EUR/occasion)
Robot therapy 45 minutes 33 EUR
Robot therapy 10 times 192 EUR
Robot therapy 15 times 278 EUR
Robot therapy 20 times 333 EUR



Examinations/Therapy Occasion/ minute Price (EUR/person)
First examination according to personal needs  42 EUR
Control examination according to personal needs  22 EUR
Physiotherapeutic assessment according to personal needs  10 EUR
Treatments** Treatment per minutes Price (EUR/ 5 days)
Cognitive assessment 60 – 90 minutes  31 EUR
Psychological counselling 3 × 45 minutes  49 EUR
Short supportive therapy 5 × 45 minutes  100 EUR
Supportive therapy, 10 meetings 10 × 45 minutes  204 EUR
Accommodation, apartman*** On every occasion Price (EUR)


Accommodation for 1 person 5 nights  111 EUR
Accommodation for 2 persons 5 nights  195 EUR
Accommodation for 3 persons 5 nights   250 EUR


* For prices of longer rehabilitation programmes please contact us via telephone.

** Every patient is provided a personalized rehabilitation plan that is based on his or her condition. A first assessment by our specialists helps you decide which therapy to choose.

*** Our prices include only accommodation without meals.

Please always arrive for treatments on time. Our specialists welcome guests one by one, so it is extremely important that everyone takes the dates seriously. Please note that the booked time is the start of treatment. In the event of a delay, there is a risk that our staff will not be able to complete the treatment. In this case, due to the delay, treatment will be shorter than planned. It is not possible to “replace” the remaining part later.   Moving and canceling booked dates is possible subject to the following rules:  

– An appointment can be canceled and rescheduled free of charge, provided that it occurs at least 24 hours before the treatment.

– If our Patient wishes to cancel or reschedule an appointment with less than 24 hours before the original date of treatment, availability will be payable at a rate of 50% of the cost of the canceled, relocated service.

If you cancel your appointment within 2 hours of the date of commencement of treatment, or if you do not inform us in any way of your cancellation and no notice will be given, the full cost of the treatment will be charged. If you have to cancel your appointment due to illness, we will, of course, waive the surcharge for medical certification.

As we continuously improve and expand our services, our prices are subject to change without previous notice.

Update: 12th December, 2019.